Columbus College of Art & Design

Moving Image

Feb. 1 – Mar. 25, 2018 

Free and open to the public.

French philosopher Alain Badiou’s handwritten lecture notes and diagrams on love, which formed the basis for his book In Praise of Love (2012), are installed in Schema Corridor, informing Season Zero’s moving image programming at Beeler Gallery.

Videos by graphic designer duo Vier5 (of Documenta 14, Athens), artist Les Levine, filmmaker Ephraim Asili, and artist Sable Elyse Smith, screened on rotation during selected weekends in the galleries.

Vier5, Screaming Girls, 13 min 16 sec, 2016

Feb 1 (during Season Zero opening): VIER5
Videos from the graphic designer duo Vier5 (who conceived the graphic identity for Documenta14, Athens), made between 1991 and 2017. Adroitly quick and seductive, these video works agitate and soothe, operating like synapses, as the designers’ mode of engagement in their work for cultural institutions and their own Fairytale Magazine.

Ephraim Asili, Fluid Frontiers, 23 min, 2017

Feb 24 & 25 (during an An Art Book Affair): EPHRAIM ASILI
Fluid Frontiers, 23 min, 2017
The fifth and final film in a series exploring Ephraim Asili’s personal relationship to the African Diaspora. Shot along the Detroit River, Fluid Frontiers explores the relationship between concepts of resistance and liberation exemplified by the Underground Railroad, Broadside Press, and artworks of local Detroit Artists. All of the poems are read from original copies of Broadside Press publications by natives of the Detroit Windsor region and were shot without rehearsal.

Les Levine, I Am An Artist, 15 min, 1975

March 3 & 4: LES LEVINE
I Am An Artist, 15 min, 1975
A camera follows the artist along New York’s Bowery while the artist explains how he does not want to get involved in problems of society. From time to time a Bowery derelict attempts to involve the artist, but the artist resists involvement.

Analyze Lovers: The Story of Vincent, 41 min, 1990
The critic and curator John Perreault plays Vincent van Gogh, interspersed with interviews with curator Jan Hoet, former MoMA PS1 director Alanna Heiss, and painter Malcolm Morley, among others, instigating the confluence and positions embedded in the artistic, social and economic lives of artists. In I Am An Artist, the artist walks on the Bowery in New York, in a kind of refusal and provocation aiming at the border between artists and the world at large.

Vier 5, The Iniminable, 3 min 31 sec, 2018

March 17 & 18: VIER5
The graphic designer duo Vier5 (known for their work for Documenta14, Athens) returns with a new video The Iniminable (2018). These will be joined by other videos made between 1991 and 2017.

Sable Elyse Smith, How We Tell Stories To Children, 5 min 10 sec, 2015

March 24 & 25: SABLE ELYSE SMITH
How We Tell Stories To Children, 5 min 10 sec, 2015
Untitled, 4 min 55 sec

Two videos by Sable Elyse Smith, whose practice calls attention to confining structures in society and the often invisible ways in which they shape our minds or direct our bodies, focusing on quotidian violence in the institution of language and the carceral system.