Columbus College of Art & Design

Chris Domenick & Em Rooney

On view in the galleries, Feb. 1 – Mar. 25, 2018

Beeler Gallery initiates a series of amenities-based projects in the gallery conceived by artists.

Chris Dominick and Em Rooney construct Your Shell Is In The Unending, a flexible coat rack for visitors to the gallery to anticipate the cold season in Columbus. After Season Zero, the coat rack will be adapted in a new version for next winter in 2019. A letter from the artists is sent to friends, lovers, mentors to solicit clothing to hang alongside those of gallery visitors, thereby forming an impromptu community.


You are receiving this email because you are one of the people who has been included by name, and in spirit in our collaborative sculpture Your Shell is in the Unending.

Your Shell is in the Unending is spawn from our project After the Sun, a collection of collaborative sculptures; hats, and boxes—that we exhibited in LA at The Vanity East in October 2016.

For this piece, we wanted to make something that honored our relationship to clothes, and to those ​​whom we share this special relationship with. Queer, and weird our clothes carry us through the world with a special significance, something beyond and more nuanced than the desire to own — here, they act as a metaphor for our community, which also carries us through the world, and without which we could not comfortably survive.

With this in mind each of the 64 hangers, on what has become a massive clothing rack, is dedicated to a lover of ours (past and present), friends with whom we’ve shared clothes, mentors (those who’ve been emotional, intellectual, and self-stylization guides), and the kids of our friends (the eventual recipient of hand-me-downs, often the most prized items).

Each hanger is marked with a name. One of them is yours.



Q: We’re wondering if you would share a piece of your clothing with us so that it might hang on your hanger for some portion of time,​ during the show’s run?​

For After the Sun, each hat and box combination was exhibited on rotation, one at a time. One for each day of the week—an orderly convention, following the rising and setting of the sun.

For Your Shell is in the Unending your clothes, if you send them to us, will make a cameo, amongst the other hangers on the piece.

Some of them may be the clothes of your teachers, friends, neighbors, lovers, or children. 

Some will be empty with only aluminum name tags as placeholders, and some will have the coats of strangers on them, as the clothing rack will be in active use by gallery visitors. There may only be one, two, or a few of your garments on the piece at a time.

This movement of garments in and out will be more like a play or a soap opera than a scheduled line-up.

Love to you all,
Em & Chris